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Op de cover van de Happinez

Hoe tof! Onze tattoos de cover van de Happiness! Happinez is het eerste mindstyle magazine dat zingeving en verdieping combineert met een pure en stijlvolle manier van leven.

Embrace your dreams, follow your heart and cherish your life * Hoe maak je ruimte voor jezelf * De roep van de Himalaya * Dierensymboliek * Terugveren na tegenslag en nog veel meer…

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Marie Claire – New Tattoos Are Basically Jewelery

Flash Tattoo - Hindy beauty

The answer to getting a tattoo you’ll love forever (basically 4-6 days) is here. Alessandra Ambrosio, Vanessa Hudgens, Colbie Caillat, and the rest of the chic set are turning to Flash Tattoos—jewelry-inspired, metallic-looking tats. And, we can’t get our hands on ’em fast enough. These remarkably shimmery temps help dress up your wrist, neck, or anywhere else you want a little sparkle. And, while you’re soaking up the last few weeks of summer, you can wear them to the beach (hello, Flash tans! Because yes, if worn in the sun they’ll give you the coolest tan lines), or your next concert. We’re personally stocking up for all of our holiday parties. They price is from € 6,95 and you can buy them here.

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